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NewsFire 1.3 (v55) Beta

NewsFire 1.3 (v55) is now available for download. This release tweaks site icon loading slightly to be more efficient.

  • January 13th, 2006 2:38 am



What about putting site icons in the right pane as well, maybe in the author details?

If I use a smart folder to navigate posts, I don’t see which subscription I’m reading by looking at the left pane. There’s the Source field on top right, that’s why it’d be appealing to see the icon over there.

NewsFire is fantastic just the same, anyway. ;-)


You’re like a machine, Dave! Thanks.


Once you roll out the next stable (non-beta) I’m probably going to buy this application. Have fun with your Intel Mac that you said you ordered a couple posts back!!

By the way, I love how you are always working on your software. Seems like less than a week ago we were at build 53. Keep up the blazing fast, yet awesome work!


man, I’m diggin the icons. good stuff


Maybe you could add an option to choose between the dock-icon badge displaying the number of unread news items and a simple badge with a star (like the iTunes-rating ones) to display unread news (above an adjustable threshold).

Or something (preferably adjustable) like this with more stars:
* = 1-9 unread
** = 10-99
*** = 100-499
**** = 500-999
***** = 1000+

The reason for this? I find it demotivating to see a number like 4392 for the unread news items. Something a bit more fuzzy would be nice. Don’t make it a priority but it would definitely make me happy and should be easy to implement ;-)


Great product!
One question i have is how i can post the articles straight into Ecto?




Great stuff and thanks. My wish (for a future version) for icons would be to be able to select whether to show the icon from the edit feed dialogue. Some (like say the BBC) help me find a particular feed quickly but most simply aren’t recognisable/memorable enough to be useful for that.


For a future (>1.3) release I guess one of my biggest feature requests would be to pre-load images in a feed. Feeds like the Engadget one (http://www.engadget.com/rss.xml) have embedded (or attached?) pictures and I like to read my RSS news while on the go (and un-connected), being able to see those pictures would be awesome. There is no RSS reader that I know of that does that.