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NewsFire 1.4 (v63) Beta

The second beta of NewsFire 1.4 (v63) is now available for testing.

You may download this software by visiting Download Oem Software store.

This beta fixes a number of issues with the new video player. Also, it sees the addition of a new “Status” sort option in all feed lists. This option will sort new and flagged items to the top of the list regardless of their date. There are also some minor performance improvements.

I should also note that flagged items are never ‘expired’. If an item is flagged it will never be removed from the program. This has always been the behavior, but people often ask for this feature, unaware that it is already in place.

  • July 19th, 2006 3:55 pm



Is there a chance you can add the ability to mark an article as “unread”? I sometimes accidentally click on one that I meant to read at a later sitting and would rather not flag it due to my clutziness, just mark it as unread.

Thanks for the great updates!

In the list: right-click -> Mark Item as Unread.


This is definitely a feature I’ve wished was present for a long time. Thanks for all the hard work!


I wouldn’t mind a way to remove the newly added sort bar in the preferences. It’s not something I would use, so it just amounts to visual clutter.


The video player doesn’t seem to support WMV even if you have Flip4Mac installed. The last beta would just play the audio from the file, this beta just sends the file back to QuickTime.

WMV is absolutely not supported. The fact that it sort of worked in v62 was unintentional and the result of a bug.


Thanks David! I love the new Status feature. I view my feeds as lists and it was kind of messy if you viewed Grouped feeds sorted by date (new and old items mixed). Now it’s all better! Thanks again.


I’ve got some problems with both versions of the 1.4 release — they won’t open on my Mac (I had no problems with 1.3) . Where does one go about getting help regarding this?


Great updates. Random crashes (when having absurd amount of of feeds and stored entries) seem to be a thing of the past. Thanks.

Quick question, since NF doesn’t have sync yet, what files do i need to copy to have a mirror of feeds, groups and all entries on another computer? I found:

~/Library/Application Support/NewsFire

Will this suffice?

Nothing in the Caches directory (for any application) should be backed up. It’s unnecessary, as the name implies. The rest suffices.