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Xtorrent & Inquisitor… debuting together, today

I am very pleased to announce today that two of my projects, both having been through long beta phases, are together emerging as full-fledged products.

Xtorrent. Get anything. It’s the newest and freshest face on the block. With built-in search, one-click downloading, and torrentcast subscriptions, it’s got power and beauty. It’s out of beta, but this is really just the beginning. Even more powerful features are already on the drawing board, including many popular user requests, and the user experience will continue to be refined.

Inquisitor 3. Bringing as-you-type web searching to Safari, it’s like “Spotlight for the web”. It has become an essential tool for legions of Mac users with nearly 300,000 downloads in only five months. It’s free, it will always be free, and it joins its brother Xtorrent out of beta.

  • March 26th, 2007 3:18 am