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Xtorrent 1.1 Beta 2 – Performance!

Xtorrent 1.1 previewI’m pleased to inform everyone that Xtorrent 1.1 Beta 2 is now available for testing. This release is about three things… performance, performance, and performance! The search interface – the centerpiece of the Xtorrent experience – now fetches results 200% faster than previous versions (on my system, anyways). When one is engaged in optimization, a few percentage points of improvement would be a solid achievement. So naturally I am very thrilled with this new release. Xtorrent’s search interface is designed to save you time, and this performance bump makes it even more convenient.

The fetching of search results became so fast that it starting exposing other performance bottlenecks. I’ve spent much of the past week meticulously fine tuning these performance issues, in addition to the normal bug fixes. Xtorrent 1.1 is shaping up to be the most responsive, stable, and feature-packed version yet.

  • August 8th, 2007 2:39 am



Very very cool, the new betas are impressive, just wanted to say that some of the torrents I’m downloading disappear from the “downloads” after I restart the application.
Do you plan to add a view of the content of the folders even if they are collapsed?


Thanks Dave! I see in the release notes you fixed the problem I asked you about (the never seed bug). It seems like its a 1000% faster on my computer! Keep up the awesome work!


I cannot find any information on what all the little blue and red squares mean that are displayed in the bottom right corner, when a torrent download is selected. May not be important, but I would just like to know what they indicate and how to read them.

Thanks, great product.





Great work! :)


Hey Dave, the Sparkle Updater failed when updating from v46. I did a manual check for update, and it started downloading the file, but it showed that the filesize was -0 and only got to about 32KB before the download failed.

I was, however, able to download the file directly, so I’m not sure what the problem was.


I’m back as a user! I told you I would pay when you added file selection, so I am paying now :) Thanks Dave!


Nice application you have created. I love it. But would it be possible to display the upload speed for each torrent as well?
That would be awesome :)


I’m clocking great performances, Dave.

Any signals of an impending NewsFire update, or are you focusing solely on Xtorrent currently?


I’ve been having an issue with reassigning the default download folder — even though i change the folder in preferences, whenever i restart xtorrent the old incomplete folder is recreated.
any help would be appreciated as the original download location is on a corrupted disk.


Hi Dave,

Really love the app, and it seems that latest beta works great!!!
One quick question though, i have this massive 70 gig download and it’s been going for a while but for some reason the downloaded figure for this download in xtorrent is 4gb but on my hdd it’s close to 30GB any idea why this would happen?

Kindest regards


Do you have to purchase XTorrent to be able to see a Help file? If I have questions on how to use it that go unanswered then how will I want to buy it?


Can we have something as simple as download qeue ?
instead of having all the torrents downloading at the same time ?

thnak you
thank you
thank you


Feature Request (Not sure if this is the correct area to be putting this sorry)

It would be great to have pause all and resume all buttons in the toolbar. Also if these could be added to the contextual menu in the dock.

i find myself wanting to pause and unpause downloads quite a lot when i want speedy access to some website. at the moment it takes a few too many clicks to do this.. would be very handy to be able to pause/resume all just by right clicking on xtorrent in the dock


Great work. It’s very nice. The performances are amazing.

It would be gread to have a bouton to remove all searchs (not only a bouton to remove a search)


This sounds to be a really great news :D

Thnx for the fantastic application, you’re doing a really great work.



The blue and red squares you mention are visual indicators of the download status of each “bit” in the bittorrent file. Red means xtorrent is negotiating the transfer, blue means the bit is partially downloaded and green means that the bit has been 100% downloaded. When all the bits are green you have your file :)

Hope that helps.

Dave, love Xtorrent, best torrent app on any OS. Keep it up!



Hi there.
1st things 1st, thanks for the great .app! There is however one thing that bugs me and that’s the inability to manualy recheck and set file locations for each torrent. As much i like things being done for me i don’t like it when i try to move a file or start seeding a torrent that i had downloaded using another client and xtorrent starts downloading it again with no way of me changing it.
If something were done about this i think xtorrent may be my dream client.



It’s been great, I did find one problem though, after finishing a download, deleting the download and then trying to download again sometimes does not work. I don’t know why this is, but it can be bothersome if a download was corrupted, and then you can’t download again.


I dont get it.

What the difference between xtorrent and acquisition?


Great product, love the ability to download only selected files. Any chance you could add someway of knowing the progress of each file?


Great work! I love the new Beta, I just recently purchased Xtorrent and I love it! I was weary about paying for a bittorrent program, but this is just simply the best! Thanks!



Would it be possible to show the current upload rate in the “speed” column? Since it’s already multiple rows-worth of space high, how about something like

(down arrow) xx kB/s
(up arrow) xx kB/s

I find it handy to know which torrents are uploading at what speed (especially with sites that have ratio requirements).



GREAT Program!!
Thanks for the GREAT WORK!!!
Might you be able to add a badge that will tell us the upload speed?


Hey man, awesome software! Downloaded Xtorrent, used it for 10 minutes before deciding i *need* this and purchased right away! Thank you!

One question though, is there a Read me that describes all the features?

Thanks again!