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NewsFire 1.1 (v35)

NewsFire 1.1 has been updated with a variety of useful small changes:
– a new status bar that shows the URL of the link you are targeting
– some alternate mouse-over highlight color schemes (though I still fully endorse the default/classic style)
– fix for shifting previous/next arrows, though this wasn’t so much a “fix” as a complete reimplementation of that part of the user interface
– slightly improved smart feed interaction design

  • May 31st, 2005 11:38 am



Thanks for adding the url in the status bar. It’s nice to see which links are going to be blocked by China’s firewall before I click.


Great release!

Those shifting Next/Back buttons have annoyed me for ages – not great when I’ve just got to work, too much coffee, then I realise I’ve been looking at just 2 items for the last couple of minutes :p


Yes! Great update.


The selectable mouseover colour kinda mystifies me here. One of the things I really like about NewsFire is that it doesn’t use those ridiculous pick-your-own-stylesheet powered views, as interesting as they might be. I like my news to fit in with the rest of my apps, make it look Aqua, make it look simple and easy to read.

I don’t know who was asking for alternate highlight colours, but if they went away, I sure wouldn’t miss ‘m.


I agree with Adam. The status bar is a feature I really missed.


Yes! The status bar feature rocks! It seems strange that such a tiny little feature can seem so important, but Newsfire is now much more useful and enjoyable to use. Thanks!


David, first off I love your software. Second, how about when you add a feed give the option for “flickr”, if selected all new feeds can be collated into a thumbnail gallery and perhaps a slideshow’ presentation similar to that in Tiger’s mail.


I totally agree with Jason – would be a great feature!


I third the image-style display for flickr feeds. Why, it might look something like this….


As a random, and probably quite easily implemented, suggestion, could you add a “Save as…” option to the contextual menu in NewsFire when clicking a link?

It comes in useful at times, especially for those of us who read mp3 blogs. In my case, for some reason Safari and Firefox have both gotten somewhat funny in their handling of media files (such as Safari and its wonderful 4k saved Quicktime files) and it would probably be quicker and easier to save and listen to the files in NewsFire. I suppose some sort of download manager like in Safari would be useful, too (perhaps just like in Safari instead of a clever riff on it as in the case of the podcast window).

Thanks for creating NewsFire! One of the best purchases under $20 I’ve ever made. It has become my main window to the web and that’s probably another reason I want the “Save As…” link (the less browser the better when it comes to my feeds).