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Inquisitor rebirthed

Many months ago, I developed an application concept for a web search utility called ‘Inquisitor’. The idea was pursued for a few releases before I decided I was chasing an interesting idea up a tree. The executive summary is that Inquisitor, as a separate application, was too far removed from the web browser to be truly useful in regular situations. Over the last few days I’ve been toying with a concept that has a similar conceptual basis to Inquisitor (and will take on the name), but is properly integrated with the web browser (Safari). The idea is simple enough – add predictive search capabilities to the Google search field in Safari. Think Google Suggest (which doesn’t actually work in Safari, strangely enough) with superfluous eye candy. When? Soon. And it’ll be free.

  • June 3rd, 2005 6:45 pm



Awesome! I look forward to it. I imagine it will be Tiger only though right?


Sounds Fantastic!! Owning both NewsFire & Acquisition this I know will be well worth having as I use both of the others on a daily basis.

I love the idea, predicive searching is such a great help for power searching.


Sounds hot.


I very much enjoyed Inquisitor and I remember when it went away; bummer! Glad to hear it’s making a comeback.