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Inquisitor 1.0 (Beta 3)

Inquisitor 1.0 (Beta 3) is now available. Inquisitor now incorporates a certain amount of local knowledge – that is, your personal search history – when producing search completions. This is somewhat explicit as previously selected items in the list are drawn with a slightly highlighted background.

Beta 3 also fixes minor bugs when doing site: searches or queries with quotes. Also, highlight colors now abide to the user’s appearance settings.

  • June 11th, 2005 1:52 pm



Great program! I had just a little thought, not sure if it is feasable to do, but sometimes you know a site name, but not .org .net .com etc. Typing in that sitename in Inquisitor and it will show pretty soon, but you still go to google first. Perhaps there could be a shortcut in those situations. Again, I don’t know how, but perhaps two links can show up, one of the site, one of google querie … Just an idea …



One thing that would make this perfect is option+return does a “feeling lucky” search.

For example searching for sites where you know the top hit will be what you want would be right at your finger tips rather than two pages away.

other than that its pretty much exactly what I need :)


I second John’s suggestion for a keyboard shortcut to perform an “I’m Feeling Lucky.” That would make Inquisitor absolutely indispensable for me

So noted. That’s great feedback.


Another little idea; when using Cmd+Enter to search in a new tab, the focus goes to the address bar. Maybe put it back in the Inquisitor field or better yet, put it back into the page.


I also like John’s suggestion, plus I also have one, which could actually double the usefulness of Inquisitor:
Now because of Inquisitor, the drop-down menu (clicking the magnifying glass for search history) became pretty useless. Inquisitor could use the drop-down menu to change the search engine – from Google to Ebay, Amazon, or an online dictionary like LEO – the possibilities are endless! Of course this would only work until you didn’t type anything into the search field. After you start typing, the drop-down menu would show the suggestions, as it does right now.


I actually really miss the drop-down history. If it were possible for inquisitor to display the last 10 searches when you click the drop down in the search field like safari does now, but do the auto-complete drop down when you start typing, it’d be perfect for me.


“I actually really miss the drop-down history.”

why? you just have to start to type, and bang, it’s there. it’s much faster than clicking around.


I’m not sure what you mean, Adrian. Here’s a common use case for me: I type in a tracking number in the google search field. I click on the direct link to that package’s tracking info that Google gives me. Later, I return to Safari and click the history drop down to search for that tracking number again without having to hunt for it in my receipts folder and copy and paste it. Inquisitor does not auto-complete these numbers for whatever reason. (Try typing in 1Z… for example. The number doesn’t show.)


How about the option (via a modifier key) to go directly to google images?


“Here’s a common use case for me: I type in a tracking number in the google search field.”

hmm, i think Inquisitor wasn’t really made for this. i use this tool for package tracking, give it a try:

adding modifier keys to all search engines would end up in a chaos. that’s why you should be able to choose the search engine *before* you type anything.



Inquisitor wasn’t, but Google was. Inquisitor doesn’t need to know anything about package tracking, it just needs to provide access to history.