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Inquisitor 2.0 for Safari

Inquisitor 2.0

I am pleased to announce that Inquisitor 2.0, an instant search extension for Safari, is now available. Much like the web-based Inquisitor Instant Search, Inquisitor 2.0 combines as-you-type instant search, search term prediction, and multiple-engine searching in a refined interface. Inquisitor 2.0 transcends its sibling by offering elegant integration with Safari, faster speed, higher quality results, and a customizable interface.

As previously discussed, Inquisitor 2.0 is being experimentally under a donation-ware license where users are asked to donate something prior to downloading. My hope is that the project can be made sustainable in fair way by allowing users to contribute based on their own judgment of the project’s value.

  • October 18th, 2005 3:10 am



That’s A M A Z I N G !

Just imagine if Inquisitor will come as a standalone version controlled by a hot-key (Butler style but much better)….

Already donated Thanks:)



also it would be nice to have the ability to open the search results in your favorite browser…the way Safari is behaving lately i don’t think that he deserve Inquisitor;)


Looks great, David,

Could you provide a list of addresses for search sites that you did not include as defaults? For example:

Google I’m feeling Lucky
Yellow pages (this one probably wouldn’t work, would it)

Though I know these search engines aren’t for everyone, I’d like to know how to add them, because I think with some of them, anyway, it requires entering a tricky address.

Thanks for doing what you’re doing


Well I just donated (may donate more later, kinda broke at the moment) and download the new version. Its great David, I hope others download and donate as well because I would love to see this program continue.

One thing though. I have added a few custom searches of my own, but struggle to get one for eBay working.

Anyone with any advice on the proper way to put the search string in for that?


I donated! Am I the first? :)


Fantastic, thanks for the hard work!


2.0 doesn’t seem able to do the “I’m Feeling Lucky” functionality I used in 1.0. For example “Apple” and then hitting option+enter would take me to Apple.com and now it downloads the index.html page on Apple.

You can add option-return as a shortcut for whatever search URL you want. ‘I’m Feeling Lucky’ was removed from the default set of sites because instant results supplant this, in some sense, and because it would have taken up valuable space in the ‘Search elsewhere…’ menu without really providing much value.

You can add this back in on your own using the URL:


what is the url for a wickipedia search?

Also, what is the url for a dict.org search (or other dictionary) and thesaurus?


Just donated its really cool, you should add an active and inactive list this way you can provide a whole lot of search urls in inquisitor and people can choose which ones the like and don’t like.


thats a great idea Bryan. Or at the very least, a page on the inquistor site that has urls for a number of possible search engines.


One quick suggestion – perhaps the ability to redorder the menu, allowing ‘did you mean’ do come ahead of the instant results… I find that I key down to the ‘did you mean’ more often than not.


I donated $4.20
$5.00 seemed like too much.
$1.00 would be embarressing.

I think this donation system is perfect for this level of app.
I wouldn’t have considered paying before using something, but I have a long history of using your stuff and feel very confident that it would get used.

I don’t think this model would work with newsfire or acquisition. I don’t think people would donate much for them.

I might have donated more if I thought I was going to use it more often. It was just one of those things that would bother me not having. I really use QuickSilver’s searches a lot more often. 78+%


Handy supplement to quicksilver searches.

Any way to make the search box itself have a hotkey? Cmd-L for address bar is great and I’ve wanted a search one for some time.


Thanks but no thanks for neglecting me. Your registered NewsFire 1.2 user who want to PAY for Inquisitor 2.


Thank David!

These seem to be working also.

Creative Commons: http://a2.creativecommons.org/?q=%@
Dogpile: http://www.dogpile.com/info.dogpl/search/web/%@

But I can’t get brainboost.com to work for questions.

No problem with the Donation system here, however, the road block will be for the people who don’t have a Paypal account and are to lazy to set it up just to donate.

You just have to keep trying different business models to see what sticks.



hey, eric. Try command + alt + f

That should highlight the searchfield


Thanks – David actually sent me an e-mail with the shortcut as well. :)

Turns out if I’d turned the Debug menu on earlier I would have found it long ago!


How do you figure out the address for searches? Is there any documentation on this? Any chance you could make a page of common search sites on Inquisitor homepage?


Amazing app David, I wish I could give more.

To everybody trying to figure out what the search URLs are for websites it’s simple. Do a search on them, then look at the URL that appears with the results page. Copy and paste this URL into the preferences for Inquisitor, then replace the search term with %@. I mean it really couldn’t be any more simple.


Great app! But how can I change the icon of my custom search engines from that magnifying glass to the corresponding page icon? I use like 10 custom engines, finding the right one would be essentially simplified if they didn’t all have the same image…


2.0 is amazing, the insta-search is brilliant and interesting payment model as well – suits my broke-ass-usyd student budget. I agree with sebastian, though, favicons need to be fixed.

As for those people above confused with determining an url, how about a system like OmniWeb uses, that lets you select a field in any form, and and save that as a search? A key combo/right-click menu would rock for this.

Finally, a Quicksilver plugin that integrates my saved Inquisitor searches would displace about 5 others :)

I don’t disagree.


(posted a comment earlier but it looks like it didn’t make it ..)

Is there any possibility of adding Japanese input support to inquisitor? Aside from lack of non-roman input inquisitor is wonderful…


Can anyone tell me how I can get Inquisitor to search PubMed? I’ve tried the following url: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?CMD=search&DB=pubmed but that doesn’t work.



How about showing live image previews underneath Flickr and Google Images?


Inquisitor is great! I only donated $3 as I weren’t sure if I’d like it, but I’m convinced. I’ll make aother trip to PayPal soon, thanks for a great piece of software.


Any version for Firefox anytime soon? That’d kick so much ass.

I definitely want a FireFox version at some point. It’s a high priority.


Is it possible to integrate the search into Spotlight as well, so that one doesn’t have to launch Safari to search the web?


Hi there,

I just downloaded inquisitor and I would really love to add the pubmed search facility. Adding “http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?DB=pubmed” doesn’t seem to work.

Could anybody help me?

Thank you!