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NewsFire 1.3 screenshot

NewsFire 1.3 screenshot

NewsFire 1.3 is currently underway. As you can see from this screenshot, the aesthetic of the application has been tweaked. At present, most other changes are internal, with a brand new RSS/Atom parser being the most significant. There are a few other features that are planned but not yet finished (BitTorrent download support, per-feed exclusion rules). As always, I’m receptive to feature suggestions users may have – now being the best time to make any requests.

  • December 5th, 2005 11:06 pm



Can we have a rules system similar to mail.app? I’d like to auto flag items that meet certain criteria or mark as read others. I also use NewsFire with Growl. I like getting notification for some feeds, but for others, e.g. bittorrent feeds, I would prefer not to get notification of new items. Can we have a per-feed supress notification option?


Looks great, can’t wait :)

The only feature / bugfix I’d love to have would be for Newfire items to have proper dates in Spotlight search results. At the moment they all just appear with “No Date” next to them and often get shuffled to the bottom of the results.


I absolutely love NewsFire and use it all the time.

In agreement with some other posters, the one thing I would really like to see is a way of marking some feeds as important and be notified when they’re updated. Personally I would like to see growl support for this but, in addition, bouncing the icon or some other mechanism for non growl users (are there any?) might be useful. Perhaps a ‘notify me’ flag on the feed would be enough to separate the wheat from the chaff!

Looking forward to the new release. :-)


1. I’d like Newsfire to optionally be able to discover sites from Firefox just as it can from Safari; generally more Firefox awareness.

2. Please consider moving the controls at the bottom of the window to the top – I think they get lost there.

3. I’d like the “back from article to list orange ball arrow” button to be … bigger. Not visually but the “hit” area of the whole title bar would be nice. Or just a “lazy way” to “go back” that doesn’t require precise mouse clicking; on a 20 inch (or more) monitor at full resolution, that button gets kinda small.


Not sure if I am missing it or not, but I would like to be able to select which group I add a feed to when I am add a news feed. A drop down list of current groups be sweet. So I don’t have to add a feed, then search for it, then add it to the group. Thanks.


I’d really like bloglines sync.
I have to use a PC at work and since there is no NewsFire for windows, I’d like to try to use Bloglines there to keep me informed during the day. I hate coming home and checking 200 new posts.



NewsFire is an amazing application. However, I check my blogs whenever I grab a couple of minutes and usually that requires using a Windows PC to do it. I can’t stand having un-synched versions of all my feeds and this is the main reason I don’t use NewsFire as much as I want to.

I would say that bloglines integration is a must!




I cant say enough GREAT things about this app. I love it thx Dave.

There were a few suggestions that other peole made that i liked and had never thought of but the only think that i would really like to see is syncing between machines