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Inquisitor joins Yahoo!

Today, I am very pleased to announce that Yahoo! has acquired the rights to Inquisitor, my instant search extension for Safari.

For those unfamiliar, Inquisitor is a pioneering software extension that provides as-you-type instant search directly within the Safari web browser. Inquisitor makes navigating the web fast and effortless by providing instant search results within an unobtrusive pop-down window. It also performs live autocompletion, prioritizes results based on the user’s search history, and gives the user extensive control over their search experience.

I look forward to assisting Yahoo! in refining and extending the Inquisitor user experience beyond where it is today. I truly believe that Inquisitor and its users can only benefit, both from Yahoo’s resources and attention, and from the product integration possibilities that would have been impossible to pursue on my own.

It’s important to note that while I will continue to be the lead developer behind Inquisitor for Safari, I will not be joining Yahoo! as an employee. I have every desire and intention to remain an independent developer for the Mac, meaning that Inquisitor, Xtorrent, and NewsFire will all continue to be equal priorities in my life.

  • May 9th, 2008 10:43 am



Hi, I have noticed that when I try to choose Google (that I prefer) in the preferences that Inquisitor ignores this and uses Yahoo (US) anyway… I have re-installed the program several times but it doesn’t help.



This is great news that Inquisitor joined Yahoo……congratulations


Is there any way to disable mobile sites?

Sometimes I’ll search something like ‘new york times’ and instead of the regular site it links to the mobile site.