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NewsFire 1.3 (v56) Beta

NewsFire 1.3 (v56) is now available for download. This release addresses minor issues in v55 and is now a Universal binary.

Some thoughts on my recently-arrived dual-2.0GHz Intel iMac:
– It’s fast. Not blindingly fast, but it seems to trump my dual-2.0GHz G5 PowerMac in general responsiveness. As an example, the PowerMac would normally compile NewsFire in about 50 seconds. The iMac managed it in 30 seconds.
– NewsFire is smooth as butter on the iMac.
– PowerPC emulation seems to work solidly, but it is somewhat slower than I anticipated – maybe 1.0GHz G4 slow. We definitely need Universal apps en masse.
– The screen is gorgeous and the machine is perfectly silent. A great user experience.
– Moving NewsFire over was quite painless. A single endian issue came up and that was about it.

  • January 17th, 2006 8:32 pm



Great to hear this, Dave! I’m so jealous!


Any hints as to what’s going to be in the new upcoming Acquisition version?

And for news fire, would it be possible to let smart feeds have a parameter to include / not include hidden feeds?


awesome! Glad you got your new machine, and i’m twice as glad to hear the UB transition went smoothly for you! I’m thrice as glad to hear there’s an update to Acquisition in the works! Dave, you’re awesome!


DAve, I just downloaded the new UB newsfire, I haven’t had chance to test it very much yet, but I had to write in to say, damn, THIS IS FAST.

It started in one jump! Amazing. I’ve only used it for tweo seconds, and already I”m blown away!


That’s great news. Looking forward to the arrival of my 20″ iMac, which should be next week.


Glad to hear you got the new iMac and that you’re rolling out the univeral binaries.
Cheers Dave, keep up the good work.


I’ve just downloaded this latest version and on my (ancient) 1.33 GHz 17″ Powerbook, NewsFire seems to be much snappier.

Great job and congrats in being Universal.


ey up, congrats on this release!

one minor note; the new intel imacs are not as you depict; they use a single dual-core 2ghz cpu, not 2x 2ghz cpus, as your post implies (dual-2ghz) ;)


Best money on software I’ve ever spent… keep up the great work man! I’m loving it!