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Inquisitor 2.5 – Instant Search for Safari

Inquisitor has received a substantial amount of positive attention in recent days. However, the one thing I’ve heard from many people is that they would love to try it out before buying it.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that that day has come! Released as a free demoware download and featuring live instant search results, suggestions, and user-configurable alternate search engines, Inquisitor 2.5 is the ultimate Safari search extension.

Above and beyond the previous release, Inquisitor 2.5 now allows one to configure the instant results search engine to a local variant (for example, a German user can now get local instant results from google.de). It also includes a new, space-saving search engine dispatch widget for those users with many alternate search engines configured.

Inquisitor 2.5 is free to try. Registration of the software costs a mere €5. Users who have previously registered can activate Inquisitor 2.5 complimentarily by entering the email address they registered with.

  • March 2nd, 2006 8:03 pm



Very nice!


nice, upgrade went without a hitch :)


Nice! I love Inquisitor.

Have you ever thought of Firefoxing it btw? I never use Safari anymore and you’d open it to the masses by the Windows Firefox users.


Great. The downloading and installation process is now easier, and the localization feature is great. Cheers!


“Have you ever thought of Firefoxing it btw?”

“Firefoxing” would mean rewriting the software entirely. also, I don’t think that firefox offers a similar API for the search field.


Great product, I have all three of yours now….It’s a set! I’d like to see Google (Australia) as an option in the general preferences under source if it’s not too difficult.


Great piece of software.
One small feature request though: It would be awesome if I could command-click links to open them in tabs, just like in a regular web page. I usually find several results that I like, and it’s annoying to have to reopen inquisitor.


I understand no Firefox, but any chance of Camino integration? I have no idea what would go into making that happen… but if it’s possible that would be damn cool.

Camino’s possible.


Camino’s possible.

Really? I’d be happy to purchase Inquisitor right away if it works in both Safari and Camino.
You know, a lot of folks, I mean Mac users, are moving to Camino from Safari or Firefox.


PLEASE make a version for firefox! help!