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NewsFire 1.3 (v60)

NewsFire 1.3 (v60) is now available for testing. This release improves embedding of media content and support for external del.icio.us bookmark applications. Full release notes on the website.

  • June 14th, 2006 12:02 pm



Is this the feature release you mentioned in the post about v60?

If you want it to be. It doesn’t really matter either way.


I don’t see the option for Pukka in the weblog editor list and I have it installed. Is this where I should be looking or was support for Pukka added somewhere else in the app.

Thanks for adding support for it though, as soon as I can find it, I love Pukka.


Oops, I meant v59. Doesn’t matter I was just curious.

Pukka is a del.icio.us editor. Why would I put it under the weblog editor list?


Isn’t cocoalicious a del.icio.us editor as well? And it is under the weblogs editor list.

So how do you post links to Pukka then?

So confused :/

Both Pukka and Cocoalicious have been placed in a new del.icio.us editors list, entirely separate from weblog editors. If that’s not clear, then I doubt you’re using the right version.


This is what my preferences looks like Joshua. Pretty obvious to me. So either you are really confused or you have a bug or something that isn’t affecting the rest of us.



Lol, that would be the confusion. I could have sworn I replaced the file but I just checked and it still says 59. Lol.

Thanks for the help Kyle, I’ll re-download and try again.



Awesome. I’d love to see some support for Ma.gnolia in the future.

And my original reason for stopping by… to add to the chimes of Bloglines syncing with Newsfire. I’m stuck using Bloglines at work and when I go home to Newsfire I have to go through the same feeds I just read.

At this point, I think it’s fairly clear that syncing is a wanted feature. Repetition of this request is hardly necessary.


Very nice addition of Pukka support!

One of the clever things in Pukka is that it takes your selection and places it in the description box, making for a super quick entry into del.icio.us. This feature doesn’t appear to be working in newsfire.. are there plans to add it in the future?

All in all pretty Rockin’ David!


I’d really, really love for away of syncing Newsfire feeds onto my iPod…. that way, even if I can’t read em, at hom, I can get em on my way to work!


Has anyone experienced any issues with reading iWeb blog RSS feeds?

NewsFire is now rendering iWeb blog feeds with both the blog post/image AND a full resolution image of the image posted (the image is on NewsFire twice, but on the blog once).

Safari is rendering the iWeb blog posts correctly.

Please let me know if you’ve noticed this and how to fix (or subscribe to an iWeb blog and are not experiencing this!)



Hey, this RSS reader rocks. The only thing that is missing is a way to locate the flagged stories. Can you add a flagged stories folder in the next version?


Since upgrading last week, I’ve seen newsfire grab all cpu and need to be force killed. This is on a powerpc 12″, which has not had any problems with previous updates.