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NewsFire 1.4

NewsFire 1.4 Screenshot

I’m very happy to announce the immediate release of the latest version of NewsFire.

Version 1.4 further refines the already elegant RSS newsreading experience of NewsFire. Important new features include an integrated video player for video podcasts, a new ‘status’ sort option that prioritizes items needing attention, and type-ahead selection.

Equally important, NewsFire 1.4 has substantial performance improvements over previous versions and now runs smoothly even with several hundred feeds.

NewsFire 1.4 is a complimentary upgrade for registered users. New users can try NewsFire for free, albeit with restrictions. Registration of NewsFire costs only $18.99.

  • July 25th, 2006 2:24 am



Feature Request: Use osx’s shared cookie storage capabilities so that RSS feeds that require a login cookie will work after you login via Safari.

At present the biggest example of this is Livejournal which I have to use Safari for because otherwise I don’t see the friends-only posts.


Hello Dave

As everyone else I LOVE NewsFire, and made it my favorite news reader.
But I would love some new features :

– first and foremost, the ability to sync, one way or another, between two syncs.
(even to know how to do it manually, which files to copy/sync – via Chronosync for instance- would be great

– the ability to select several feeds (via holding Shift for instance) and to read the articles from them as a whole.

– the possibiliy to export/import and keeping the folders organized

– a progress bar to see the syncs when they’re happening.

Not very original suggestions, but I hope they’re useful to you.


Adding following fees causes crash.


I know that David says there’s just no way to “sync” newsfire, but Isn’t there a way to say use syntwofolders to sync the preferences between two machines, and then have newsfire open up with the set of articles you haven’t read yet?

Please David, is there a way?


Coming in late to the conversation, but Sync’ing would be my big feature request too – I use three Macs and change my feeds quite a lot, so no Sync is a pain in what is, in all other respects, an excellent application.


Is it posible to open a link in a new tab rather than a new window?


I’m trying to add an authenticated feed (HTTP Basic, over SSL) to NewsFire 1.4 (trial). The feed is added, but it never asks me for my username and password or provide an error message. Every time I refresh, nothing happens.

The changelog seems to indicate that NewsFire supports authenticated feeds… What am I missing or misunderstanding?


The feed mentionned in my previous post is an Atom 1.0 feed.


Anyone else having crashing issues with 1.4(69)??? I started having them today and can’t get it to finish loading now. Tried re-downloading but to no avail.

Any help would be greatly greatly appreciated. :-/


Newsfire does still not support https, right?


Just bought it, love it! The sole thing I cannot figure out is how to view a larger number of (older) items for a given feed. In Google Reader, I can see 100+ items that date back a fair bit… NewsFire can’t seem to ‘reach’ that far back, even if I set it to ‘Delete items after Never.’ Is this a limitation of the program or the operator? ;^)


I would also love Google Reader syncing support. Great app Dave. Thanks a bunch!


wonderful news reader .. use it on a daily basis .. I would really like to be able to be able to select a browser that is not the system default for the articles to open up in ..


The video is what got me. I’ve yet to find a good app for vidcasts, I’m betting on this one as i’ve purchased and have been very pleased with everything else you’ve put out thus far.


can there be support for attention.xml w/FTP syncing?

There’s no way to synchronize your RSS feeds with other computers….. :(

Also, a way to import reliably NetNewsWire articles/feeds? muchu


consider this another request for google reader support. you have a great product and this would make it almost perfect.