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Inquisitor 3

In response to user feedback, Inquisitor 3.0 (v52) now explicitly tags product/affiliate links in search results and, furthermore, now includes an user preference to disable these links all together.

Inquisitor is freeware, made possible by the inclusion of affiliate links. This revenue source is small but critical in ensuring Inquisitor’s future development. If you choose to disable these links, please seriously consider donating to Inquisitor as an alternate means of support.


  • January 16th, 2008 12:51 am



It’s nice you’ve transparented this whole thing. Now nobody will be able to say sillinesses.


How do i uninstall Inquisitor?


Wonderful enhancement, great attitude!

I would like to point out one “improvement opportunity,” however. Or perhaps someone can give me a work-around.

I’m a heavy taps user. I very often type something in the Google window and hit CMD-Return to make it open in a new tab.

I often see something on Inquisitor’s list that is just what I want, but I don’t want to lose the page I’m looking at, either. I’ve tried using CMD-click on the Inquisitor entry of interest, but it still opens on top of the present page.

Is there any way to open Inquisitor hits in other tabs? If not, can you put this is your “feature request” bin?



Not cool.

No instructions on or automatic way to uninstall the software — no, the installer does not offer the option.

(Why would I want to do that? I think it conflicts with Saft — I can no longer access the search history menu.)


Inquisitor has not been showing web site results for some searches since 10.5.2 upgrade. Anyone else seeing this?


Stunning! I just installed Inquisitor 3 & it’s superb!!!

As an Software / UI Designer, I would however like to make couple of core suggestions:
1, Allow the user to choose more results (upto 20 please!)
2, Provide an option to shift it all over to the URL field
3, Charge us $4.99 for it: a 2 month trial would be ideal

For option 3, I strongly recommend a firm I use for my own software: eSellerate. If you do opt to include my suggestions, pop me an e-mail over – a little mention is always appreciated! ;)


I guess it’s better, but it takes FOREVER to connect. I checked my cable speed and it’s up there. Any ideas.


*drools* Need more xtorrent updates.


What would make inquisitor so much more usable for me is if it somehow integrated itself into the address bar and merged as one. I don’t want anymore of this tabbing to get to something I always use first (I hardly ever type into the address bar nowadays – its all about inquisitor baby)!


does anybody know how to uninstall inquisitor?


How do I contact the person who created Acquisition, I need my license code, I no longer have access to my old email address to get the license code recent there.

Kindest Regards,



How can I uninstall Inquisitor 3?


Hi Dave,

Thanks for the excellent plugin! :)

Unfortunately I’m having a problem with it, if I hold the command button and click on a website in the Google search results, Safari opens a new tab displaying that website. However if I hold command and press enter, a tab opens which displays the Google search results instead of the website I pressed enter on.

Is this normal? If possible, I would like the command + enter to have the same behaviour as command + click :)

Thanks again!


One usability suggestion to the otherwise _superb_ software:

Could it be possible to keep the result palette open when you command-click on a link?

(I often command-click to open a link in a new tab and often I then also want to continue to command-click on a couple of the other links, but then I first have to click on the triangle in the find field and let Inquisitor search again…)


Is there anyway to remove the history for this application?


Thanks for this program. Truly, this has been my best EVER download! Love this toolbar to bits. Thanks for making this.


Not sure if this is the right place to make feature requests, but…
I would love to be able to do Google searches for the domain of the page I am currently viewing. Like when you enter “search_term site:domain.tld” into the search field on google.com, only that the site-part would com from the browsers current location.
Don’t you think you could add that?


After some hours of using Safari, Inquisitor becomes incredibly slow. Then I have to cancel my current work, quit Safari (and thereby lose my browsing history at the “back” buttons) and start again.
This will recover full speed of Inquisitor – for a few hours.

I really like this free app, but this issue is absolutely bugging me.


Another improvement request:
Could you please escape the search strings in the Additional Search Engines section’s custom entries so that non ASCII characters are transferred correctly.
Thank you!


Hey I downloaded the file, uncompressed it, and when I ran the installer it said the installer is ‘damaged’ or something, and said it may be the permissions but I checked and those are fine. Do you know what the problem is? I would have emailed you but I couldn’t find your address around the site


Does Inquisitor work with Safari 3.1?
Can’t live without it, so I need to make sure before I update.

Yes, it works fine with Safari 3.1.


How do you uninstall Inquisitor?



This sounds very great, but the download site is down!

Please help!

best regards


I add my voice to the other ones: this is a very good product!
Anyway: I’m using the last version 3.0(v52), but I don’t see any sponsored link nor the way to enble/disable… Why?
If it is important, I use italian OSX.5.2.

A suggestion for italian users: if you want to use the it.wikipedia, the right link to insert in the preferences tab is the following:

Thanks Dave!


How do I remove/uninstall Inquisitor ?


I just installed inquisition and it is really cool. My only problem is after installing and restarting safari, my 1password button has disappeared.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you.


This is awesome…I’ve been using Inquisitor for a few years now, and it’s getting better every time.

One question: Have you ever thought of making something like this for iTunes? It would be enormously helpful to be able to input part or an artist’s name or something and get suggestions on the spot. Searching in iTunes isn’t the friendliest thing I’ve ever done.


Okay, so I haven’t seen any mention of it anywhere else, so I thought that I’d ask. I use and love Inquisitor at home (using the sponsored links). However, at work I have to live in the Windows world. Apple has made this a little bit more pleasant by creating Safari for Windows, but I don’t have Inquisitor. So, is there any chance that there will be (or already is) a version of Inquisitor available for Safari for Windows?

@geoff: Very small chance. Safari for Windows might look like Safari for Mac, but they’re entirely different things.



Inquisitor is really great.

Unfortunately, after making 30-50 searches and opening the corresponding results, it starts to become VEEERY slow, and I am forced to shut down Safari and relaunch it in order to get the initial speed of Inquisitor. By “slow” I mean that when I type some text in the search field, each letter appears every 1 or 2 seconds. I am using Leopard 10.5.2 and Safari 3.1, but I remember that I had the same problem with Safari 3.0 as well.

I really hope that this problem can be fixed soon. If other people are experiencing this problem as well, please post about it.

Thanks a lot,


Great Software, i love it.
But why i can’t open my search results in a new tab?????


Some apple-key modifiers don’t seem to work for me under Safari 3.1 (on 10.5.2). Eg. ‘apple+right arrow’ doesn’t open an Inquisitor suggestion in a new tab.
Thanks for the software.


Amazing software, thanks for your work!


I really like Inquisitor. But I stopped using it for another reason altogether. In Safari’s regular search, when you do a Command-Click, it opens up your search in another tab. Inquisitor disables that.

It should be a minor addition to the software to open in another tab if one chooses. I’ve gotten so used to opening searches in different tabs that I would rather forgo the usefulness of Inquisitor than do without the tabbing.

Please add that functionality to Inquisitor and I’ll definitely come back to it.

PS an uninstall option in the package would be nice, too.


So for those of us who are not utter douchebags and would actually love to support you through affiliate links, have you considered increasing the number of them? When using Inquisitor, I very rarely run into them and I’d love to support you in such a way. And since there’s an option to opt-out now, I don’t see why you should hold back in any way.


Not working on Leopard with Safari 3.1.1 for me :(
Maybe some update soon?


Inquisitor became a “must have” for me when using Safari. However, would it be possible to include Japanese Google (http://www.google.co.jp) inside preferences, or, maybe even better, the ability for users to set their preferred search site for the search window?


I am looking around your website for instructions on how to add my own search engines, as your product picture depicts. I’m wanting to add searches for IMDB.com, Netflix, Amazon, and others.

Thanks in advance.

Walt D in LV