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NewsFire Developer Blog

Welcome! It’s been noted that since I am the designer behind a prominent RSS reader on the Mac, it would seem natural that I have a blog. So, I have created this blog to fill that void and track the development of NewsFire. I’ll admit that I’ve never had a blog before, so it’s all an experiment. I’ll try to keep the tangential ramblings to a minimum.

For the uninitiated, I tend to run a very rapid release cycle on my software (as short as a few days). Even though I’ll be putting out a 1.0 release very soon, that certainly will not hault development. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this blog updated with my thoughts on the product.

  • February 2nd, 2005 5:27 pm



Hey, nice to see there’s now a place to get news about newsfire development ! Newsfire is the best RSS reader around.
Could you tell a little more about the non-free version ? Is the free Newsfire disappearing ? Thanks


I welcome the blog with open arms. I have not yet decided on if I will purchase a license … I appreciate what Newsfire is, but I have yet to find the magical feature which I have to have. Maybe at a lower price point. Good job thus far.


Well here’s the first place I’ve found that I can leave any comments at all. You are a pretty hard to get ahold of developer anymore. Those of us who frequented the forums miss the opportunity to directly shape and influence the path of the applications you develop.

I just registered NewsFire after a painful internal debate as to the seemingly high price. I think most of us knew you were going to be charging for this, but man. $20 is really pushing the limits. Chances are you’d sell more at around $15. But hey, that’s just my 2cents.

Anyhow.. please reopen the forums for us. :)

Hard to get a hold of? In NewsFire, Help Menu -> Send Feedback Email… Doesn’t seem so “hard”.


My thinking is if I use it, I pay for it. I also happen to think $20 is reasonable for software I use every day. It’s what I paid for LaunchBar, the only other piece of shareware I use. One thing, though, can you make it $20 even and not $19.99, that always bugged me.