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NewsFire 1.2 screenshot

NewsFire 1.2

A pretty innocuous screenshot at first, but a lot of people have requested the ability to have the spacebar move through lists in oldest-to-newest order, rather than the standard newest-to-oldest behavior in NewsFire 1.1, so hopefully this will be a minor thrill to some.

  • August 21st, 2005 12:14 am



I doubt this is very easy, but I think it would be great if NewsFire could download images from a feed in advance. This would mean I wouldn’t have to wait for images to load when browsing photo feeds. For an example of where this would really improve the experience, check out the Flickr feeds.


Excellent! Thanks David, I was one of the folks dying for this feature. Now you just need to throw us a bone, and give us a hint as to when 1.2 will see the light of day.

Jesse’s suggestion is interesting. I think I’d prefer to see a pre-fetch algorithm. Basically, while you are looking at an article, any images from the next 5 articles (as dictated by where the spacebar would take you next) are being pre-fetched. That way, you avoid excess caching on images you might not look at, but the experience is fast. I look at lots of photo blogs, so I agree, this would be a great boon to the experience.

Keep up the good work.


Pre-fetching would be cool; as would Inquisition-style search completion – I can’t wait!


Hi Dave

This new feature of movin from oldest to newest and viceversa, i think it would be a lot better if it was implemented in a per-feed basis.

For example, i have news feeds that i like browsing from new to old so i read stuff till i c somethng i already have read at work, but i also have forum feeds, that i prefer reading using the old-to-new way so the posts make a bit more sense.

Saying that, would it be possible to somehow group posts from the same thread? just an idea

Great stuff anyway. Thanks