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NewsFire 1.2 screenshot

NewsFire 1.2

  • August 22nd, 2005 8:09 pm



But can I archive all my blogs? I’ve found when I set my 58 blogs to stay around for Enternity, NF get’s very slow. I’d love to keep the text of all the posts I read, but I’m worried that the performance would get slow in a hurray.


I hope you can turn that off…That might get a little bit annoying because it will push all documents off the list. Put it into its own category if you can.


Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Just registered the product. Really what I was looking for in my RSS reader (Newsfire has lots of other cool stuff too). Thanks!

The two priorities of software designers are user interface design and performance – I can assure you that NewsFire 1.2 makes gains in both areas. I’ve always been convinced that performance and design are both critical elements in elevating the user experience.

– yes, it is optional.
– Spotlight itself is responsible for rankings, news articles do not necessarily sit at the top. In fact, the screenshot is contrived because one second later, all those got pushed off the list for a bunch of documents.
– Apple does not allow third-party developers to add Spotlight categories, and I agree that this is a clear deficiency in their design.


Spotlight is completely deficient IMHO. The two times I have used it successfully it took me over four minutes to find the results. I tend to use it with the Command+F shortcut so that I can fine tune what it is looking for but thanks to the live searching I waste tons of time between each choice watching the beachball spin. Really wish Apple would test this stuff with systems other than Dual 2.7 GHz PowerMac’s. It is almost like they think that us low-end users don’t deserve as good a user experience as the rich people.

Sorry not really the place to rant about this but I feel a bit better.