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NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 5)

NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 5) is now available. Beta 5 contains only minor bug fixes and tweaks over Beta 4.

  • September 8th, 2005 3:05 pm



many thanks for adding the ‘Visit NewsFire Website…’ link to the newsfire website in the help menu!



You got to tell us, in your blog, what do you think about the new iTunes appereance, theme that will presumably replace brushed metal in the next iteration of Apple’s applications and OS.

I find, except for the hard corners (that I guess that are done like that because of the Windows version constraints), and the blue sidebar, that it is a pretty nice theme. Will you use it in a future version of Newsfire?

Well, I’ll quote John Gruber: “This guy trashes the HIG the way Johnny Depp trashes a hotel room.”

My non-professional opinion is that iTunes 5 interface fits well on Windows. It does not look good on the Mac. The interface looks like a cheap knock-off of iTunes 4. What was an iconic and definitive Mac interface has been changed for no apparent reason. There are no functional benefits that required a theme change. If something works, it’s stupid to change it without a very solid reason.


I somewhat agree, I loved the original interface, although some of the new features are cool, they don’t justify a complete overhaul like this. My thoughts are that Mail and iTunes are previews of the next generation of aqua and metal, although why Apple’s releasing these upgrades independantly and not system-wide is beyond me.
I gotta say, though, as much as I like apple’s OS, iTunes 5 makes it the competition look stoneaged.


A few notes on this latest beta (5). These may not be bugs, but are things that, from my point of view, do not behave as expected. I.e. if that’s what you intended, just ignore me. -:o)

1. Thanks again for re-adding feed-hiding. However, hidden feeds within a group are always displayed when that group is expanded, regardless of whether View / Show Hidden Feeds is checked or not. To correctly hide these feeds, one must check and then uncheck the Show Hidden Feeds option. This is very annoying.

2. Groups, when clustered, no longer stay still but move around when new unread items are found. (Although this a change from the previous version and conflicts with how I happen to like things, it actually looks very nice and is, I’ll admit, more logical.)

3. Groups, when expanded, continue to display the number of unread items they contain in addition to giving a breakdown of the number of unread items in each contained feed. This is confusing. The old way was better.

4. I preferred the old solid bars for groups rather than the new blue labels… but that’s just personal preference. -:o)

Other than that… excellent! The speed increase is truly breathtaking, and cannot be praised highly enough. Keep up the good work!

Regarding point 2, just sort by name.


I agree with Marcus’ notes #!, #3, and #4.