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Inquisitor 2.1 – Instant Search for Safari

Inquisitor 2.0

I am pleased to announce the immediate availability of Inquisitor 2.1 – the ultimate instant search extension for Safari. Inquisitor 2.1 combines as-you-type instant search, search term prediction, and multiple-engine searching in a refined interface.

Inquisitor 2.1 is enhanced over the previous version by offering:
– a search site preset library
– reordering of search sites
– the ability to configure the number of suggestions provided
– the ability to invert the order of search suggestions and instant results
– automatic download of custom favorites icons for search sites
– command-up/down arrow moves selection between sections
– a proper graphite theme

UPDATE: Inquisitor 2.1.1 is now available, correcting a rare incompatibility with certain custom search sites.

It should be obvious that if you donated to download Inquisitor 2.0, you may use that same link to download the updated release.

  • November 6th, 2005 6:18 pm



Great release, two requests, could froogle be included as standered and could there be an option to disable search elsewhere in the search popdown. Thanks for all the work so dar though


May I suggest this : A hotkey to open the result of the search in a new tab…
That would be very neat !

Thank you for all your work !


guerom00, cmd-enter already does that. E.g., typing “foo”, then enter, will open the results in the current tab. Typing “foo”, then cmd-enter, will open them in a new tab in the background (or whatever your settings are).

Unfortunately, that doesn’t work for other search engines (“Search elsewhere…”), since their shortcuts currently appear to require cmd to be used.



Inquisitor looks very cool. One thing I would need though is the ability to set the default search engine or alternatively to use whatever the default is currently set to.

Using Safari Enhancer I am set to http://www.google.co.uk. Does Inquistitor respect this setting or is there a way to set it?

You can set any search site to have the ‘return’ shortcut, and that will be the default.


Hi David,

I’ve purchased Inquisitor and am very happy with it. I’d just like to make a suggestion, even though it is being pedantic. I feel that “Did you mean…” should be worded “Do you mean…” as you are still defining the search in the present tense, not in past tense.
Again, I know it’s pedantic, but it’s just the way I am.

Keep up the great work!


amazing safari enhancement! i hope donating $5 was a decent amount! i plan to recommend this to friends and family. great work, david!


David — I’ve been adding custom search shortcuts into the inquisitor preferences and I found condition you could add to your safari plug-in?

I’m able to search the iTunes Music Store with this URL (itms://phobos.apple.com/WebObjects/MZSearch.woa/wa/advancedSearchResults?artistTerm=%@) from a web browser, but when I add this URL into the inquisitor search shortcuts it breaks the browser from searching and going to sites with a manually inserted URL into the address field. I thought it would be awesome if I could search the iTunes store from my browser, which by the way works with the above URL, but it breaks all usuage of inquisitor! Another great idea would be to search aquisition from a URL so I could then search from inquisitor in safari!



If we have already donate for version 2.0, can we have the 2.1 for free? Considering I’m a student…


Outstanding enhancement!


When adding search engines to search elsewhere… it seems to remove the search elsewhere option when you type in a search phrase. I would love for it to add the new engines I add to the search elsewhere portion.

Am I missing something?



I had the same problem. The way to solve it is to make a .tiff favicon for iTunes in ~/Library/Application Support/Inquisitor/ (Inquisitor stores its favicons here. Find a picture you like at 16×16 pixels and save it as phobos.apple.com.tiff. Re-add the iTunes music store URL and relaunch Safari.
As for Acquisition, I just tried adding acquisitionsearch://%@. That seems to work, but Acquisiton gets confused as to which search is which. Still, my search bar is a happier place now.


Jolin, if you kept the email with the original download link, you can use that to redownload the new version. As usual, this program is amazing and I am glad that I donated.


Well thanks very much for your answer Sören Kuklau…

For a SO long time, my Cmd-enter is a Quicksilver Trigger… I guess I will just have to re-wire my brain for a while… :)


Very nice!
What about adding bookmark searching in Inquisitor? It would be great to be able to search for bookmarks within the main browser window.


Thanks for the tip! I was able to make both the iTunes trick and the Acquisition trick work. One thing — what do you think the favicon name should be for aquisition?



How about a preference that lets you say that you always want to open search results in a new tab? (That would also then work for the searches that require Cmd in their hotkey)

Or enable users to set hotkeys that don’t include Cmd. For some reason Cmd modifier is tied to all hotkeys that don’t use Return as one of the keys. You can’t just have Option-N, you have to have Option-Cmd-N.

Either give a preference to check that allows to force opening search results in new tabs, or let us change to hotkeys without Cmd.


Very nice. Will you locate this software in other languages (French, Dutch, Italian…)?Can one help you to do it?


You should make a Quicksilver plugin of it!



This program is incredible. It’s the kind of application you expect would expect Apple to build into the system. Kudos to you for your efforts. I love having the ability to search through high-level results on the fly without having to get a complete page of results. I love Safari but any idea when you might have a version of Inquisitor available for other browser favorites like Firefox or Omniweb? Thanks…keep up the great work.


I too am interested in other browser support, particularly Camino. This seems quite nice.