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FAQ: Opening articles in tabs

People often ask if I can make NewsFire open articles in tabs in Safari. The answer, alas, is “no”. Apple does not provide the necessary hooks in Safari to let anyone control its tabs.

That said, if you look in Safari’s ‘General’ preferences you’ll notice the last preference, ‘Open links from applications: in a new window/in a new tab in the current window’. This preference generally suffices.

  • February 4th, 2005 2:48 pm



Excellent tip. I had’nt noticed this useful Safari preference ‘open links from other apps in new tabs in current window’. Very useful for Newsfire. Please include it in a tip on the next version of Newsfire. It is VERY useful! :-)


Duh! I wish I had noticed that long ago, as this is one of the features I have always wished Newsfire had. Thanks. On a side note: I was unaware of the blog and would have remained so if I hadn’t seen the small text when I stopped by the product site today. Perhaps the next versions of Newsfire and Acquisition could have a menu item to take us here? Or maybe a default feed? Just a thought.