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NewsFire 1.0

I am pleased to announce the immediate release of NewsFire 1.0, the most stylish RSS news reader on the Mac. Built from the ground-up with OS X in mind, NewsFire dazzles with a gorgeous animated interface that needs to be seen to be understood.

Beneath its simple exterior lies a powerful feature set including:

  • support for all major syndication formats
  • powerful feed discovery interface
  • user-controlled smart feeds
  • nstant search of local and remote feeds
  • support for embedded audio content
  • multiple display options
  • external blog editor support
  • import/export of feed collections
  • powerful keyboard navigation and shortcuts

    NewsFire’s greatest feature, however, is its minimalist yet expressive user interface. Using design cues from iChat and Safari, NewsFire presents a friendly and sensible interface to new users. At the same time, advanced features like smart feeds and extensive keyboard shortcuts enhance the experience for power users. Ultimately, NewsFire is the easiest and most stylish way to join the RSS revolution and begin benefiting from this booming notification technology.

    Of course, descriptions aside, the best way to understand NewsFire is to download and try it.

    • February 5th, 2005 10:25 pm



    Great news; thanks David! I see, though, that the German localisation has not made it for the 1.0 release. Please let me know if I can help in any way.


    Excellente! I haven’t found another RSS aggregator that even comes close to NewsFire, and I’ve tried them all (on the Mac). Your biggest competitor’s (who goes unnamed) program froze up for five minutes solid when updating my feeds, meaning I couldn’t read them, and then I had to force quit their app! NewsFire seems to use almost no resources in comparison.

    One problem though, and I didn’t want to bring this up while the program was free.. but now I’ve registered (paypal@bigbold.com), where can I direct the one single ‘annoyance’ with the program that I have? There used to be a forum for the software somewhere on here, but I cannot find it now :-(

    Anyway, NewsFire rocks, and luckily my friends are beginning to be won over!


    This is a great news reader, but some flaws remain. In feeds, groups and smartfeeds with summary information along with the titles the jump scroll (clicking below the blue scroll bar region indicator) scrolls down to far and skips lines. Sometimes one sometimes more. I think I’ve seen this in feeds without summaries as well.


    Some additioinal functionality that would help. I have a lot of feeds and use groups and smart feeds heavily. Sometimes I just glance at the contents of certain feeds when in groups or “New Items” when they are gouped by feeds. In that case I would like a button that marks all articles in just that feed read. They could be on the grey feed name lines at the right just like the “Mark All Read” button at the top right.


    Cool, NewsFire made it to V1.0. I am a happy paid up owner of the program, it has changed the way I use the internet :)
    Is there a key stroke to open a sites home page, like for instance striking B opens the current article, but sometimes I want to go to the home page rather then one article at a time. Clicking on the site name on the blue bar at the top does this, but doing it mouseless would be nice. Adding the option to then mark all articles as read if I strike this key would be nice as well


    NewsFire rocks, there’s no question about that – best user experience of any rss readers that I’ve tried. My one big feature request would be Bloglines support, which has me (hesitantly) using one of your competitors right now.


    Dock menu?


    NewsFire is once again my default RSS reader. Good job, David. More power!


    Congratulations on the release of the full version, David. I’ve liked NewsFire from the first minute I started using it, and I’m now among the paid users. But hey! – it won’t make my morning coffee!


    hi there :)

    I currently use NewsFire 0.6 and love it :). Now that it reached version 1 I put it on my buy-list.

    However, since the release of the smart group-feature I’m fighting with a small user interface-“bug” which really bothers me. Mail.app and iTunes also have this “bug”. If you create a *large* smart group i.e. a group which scans titles and descriptions for every software title you use, the smart group gets longer than your screen is. But since there is no scroll bar you have no chance to edit (or add) fields, which are “under” the bottom of your screen. Is this fixed in the current version or will it be fixed in future versions?

    Thanks and bye :)


    Love the interface and the dynamic sorting. Any plans to support enclosures (podcasting)?


    Thank you so much for developing this incredible application. Until now I was using NetNewsWire, and NewsFire is just so much simpler, so much more beautiful, and completely efficent to use. I’m absolutely obsessed. Great work!


    Well done, sir. This application has changed the way I use the web.

    I have only one request: a cancel button under the “Loading Site…” progress bar. (I sometimes change my mind.)


    Greetings from Croatia!
    Great app.
    How to buy if the country i live in is not listed on the PayPal site. Is there another way to buy NewsFire ?


    After searching for a long while Newsfire is the only RSS client which could take me away from liferea ;-).
    But one thing is missing! I cant tell Newsfire to open a “news” in another Browser, and i never really liked safari, and never will do. On the other Hand instead of opening always a new window, just a new Tab would be nice.


    Great work,

    NewsFire is a beautiful app.




    Hey, it’s a great app, it just could really really use new headlines in the dock menu. If you could ctrl-click the dock icon to see a listing of recently updated RSS pages, and see the new headlines for each website (linking to the site in your web browser)–I probably didn’t explain it properly, but if you ctrl-click on NetNewsWire’s dock icon, you’ll see what I mean. It just is useful when you have the program hidden but wan to check new headlines. With this I’d certainly switch! Thanks! :)


    Newsfire is a truly brilliant piece of software which I use every day. One suggestion (apart from the scrolling bug noted above by someone else) is some kind of Growl (www.growl.info) notification support.


    Congratulations! I’ve been using NewsFire since 0.2 and it’s come a long way and become a favorite app. I’d really like to buy a licence for 1.0, but you currently only have PayPal as an option. Any chance you will be adding an alternative way to purchase?


    Truly beautiful app. Just wanted to second the podcasting support support — have tried the ipodder type apps that are out (so far), and they’re pretty darn ugly compared to Newsfire!


    My feature request, that would be an ‘Are You Sure!?’ dialog box when proceeding with ‘Mark All Feeds As Read’.



    Since everyone else appears to be using this as the features-request thread, I’ll do the same.

    I’d love to see enclosure-tag support, podcasts are growing, and full support would be awesome.

    I’d really, really like to see a change in the typography in the feed-display frame. The serifs are giving me a headache. Sorry to the big fans of the serif, but do please offer an option for serif vs. sans-serif, make sans-serif default, or allow users to customize the font somehow (CSS, perhaps?). Pretty, pretty please. With sugar on top.


    It is possible to change the fonts by editing the CSS files in the resources of the app (…/Newsfire.app/Contents/Resources/Themes/Default/*.css).


    Ditto on dock menu & enclosures. How about feedback during refreshing? I’d suggest the “spinning gear” like Safari uses during page loading.


    All I have to say about newsfire is, Absolutly Stunning. great work dave!


    I second the growl support! :)

    I love your application, and am about to register it, but there’s one feature I’m dying for. Some sort of notification system (using Growl or something like that) so when there’s a new news story I can see a little popup of the story.

    Right now, NewsFire alerts every minute since I subscribe to so many blogs, and I find myself opening it just to read a headline I’m not interested in.

    A notification window (kinda like how Synergy does it for itunes songs) would be awesome!

    Other than that, great application. It’s one of those apps I show to friends when I want to demonstrate how much better a Mac is :)



    This program is just beautiful. The whole new approach it takes is refreshing, and dispenses with the usual Apple Mail-like interfaces that virtually all other RSS readers do.

    Keep up the great work. :)


    I see that Growl support was added. How do I get it to notify me?



    apologies if this has been covered – is there a way of implementing ctrl-clicking so that you can automatically download a linked file from within the browser as opposed to opening an MP3 in a separate browser, and then having to download it ?