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wwdc thoughts

Some very quick, improperly thought through thoughts on WWDC:

– RSS in Mail?  It wasn’t in the keynote, but the webpage talks about it.  Strange how Apple’s waffling on RSS – should it be in Safari? Mail? Dashboard?  When Safari got RSS it was part of the trifecta of top features in Tiger (Spotlight, Dashboard, Safari RSS), yet Mail doesn’t even get a mention.
– Time Machine.  It’s an awfully elaborate UI for something that probably shouldn’t be used that often.  I use Backup for file security, and have yet to find a reason to restore anything.  “Undo” works well enough for me as a safety net for stupidity, but maybe that’s because I have a 5-minute attention span.
– Spaces is pretty cool.
– Top Secret features?  As mentioned in the keynote, there’s stuff yet to come.  I really hope there are some killer A-list features because I’m not overwhelmed just yet.

  • August 7th, 2006 6:56 pm



I agree, judging from the keynote my socks aren’t exactly knocked off quite yet.

Looking at the stats of Xeon vs. G5 too, not really that huge a jump. 1.4x the speed on most of the tests I saw. I mean it’s faster, but not insanely. I think it might be hard to get quad g5 owners to switch to this.


I’m with you David. Feeling a bit underwhelmed overall with the stuff announced in Leopard. And what’s with the cheesy background in Time Machine? Hope they let you customize that somewhere…

Let’s hope a reworked Finder is one of those top secret features.


It was my first WWDC today, and it was a lot of fun. But I have to agree with you on Leopard. CoreAnimation looks pretty cool, but I hope they have an ace in the hole. Steve did mention something about the “next generation” of Front Row…


I totally agree with your thoughts on Time Machine. What I want to know is how massive a drive you need to store a week, a month, a year worth of “everything”?

I ‘reckon [along with a everyone else] that the biggest “secret” change will be to the Finder.


Agreed. Not too compelling but…

Leopard seen today + Secret Features (finder overhaul) + NewsFire + The wonder that is to be iLife 07 + Dave’s new mystery app = My Future.


I felt the same way about the lack of killer features shown by Jobs.

I don’t get Time machine’s UI at all. I think they suppose it’s “fun”, but I thought Mac OS X was beyond their gimmick phase, leave that to Vista and their “look, I can do transparency” UI.

By the way, great job on both acquisition and NewsFire, I bought them both and they really add up to the daily routine.


I think that if you simply remove the background from time machine and have it black then it instantly gains more credibility. Even just stars would be better but that wormhole/big bang whatsit is just tacky.


I’m more interested in the minor features than the major ones.

Simply having speedier spotlight would be worth the price to me.
Global todo service + exposéd multi-desktops == total sweetness.

The time machine thing looks like fun. It’s one of those ‘because we can’ things.

I do hope they make it much more compelling for everyone. I want as many of my clients to be using the new Safari as possible.


I thought the Time Machine UI was pretty interesting actually. It might be a little excessive, but I imagine it will make it a lot easier for my wife and kids to understand backing up/restoring files when they can see it represented like that. It will be nice to have the whole back up process simple, automated, and integrated into the system.


Yes: someone was smoking some serious crack at Apple when they thought up the Time Machine background. It’s all the more disappointing because I was revved up for a more professional UI, of the sort which was rumored so many places.

Spaces? Eh, cool, but I didn’t use them on Gnome, and I couldn’t get used to them when I used Virtue Desktops. I’m far too forgetful to remember what I put where.

One thing I look forward to is Mail’s RSS; Mail seems like a very natural place for it. I don’t like Safari’s implementation, so I use but don’t care for NetNewsWire lite – NewsFire is cool but I can’t justify the expense for something I can get free. With smart folders in Mail I can do a dance of joy.

What I’d really like in Mail – and what I don’t expect to ever see – is an nntp implementation. I interact with a usenet client in much the same way that I interact with a mail client; there is no better place for it; but usenet is dying, I think. Hrmph.

Oh, yeah, and better threading in Mail.


For me the biggest things are ical server – this is huge for getting macs and mac servers into businesses, time machine – tacky or not it’s simple backups (awesome for the likes of my mum), and the spotlight update.


Maybe Time Machine’s UI is a bit tacky, but I don’t think the idea is a bad one. My wife would probably have little trouble using it whereas now she only backs things up when I help her, and recovering things is a complete and total pain.

I have yet to find a backup solution that is suitable for use with my wife’s laptop (or mine, for that matter) that isn’t entirely clunky or geared toward those with some knowledge of the subject. I welcome the effort at least being put forth by Time Machine.

And as tacky as it may be, the UI did convey its purpose in pretty short order.


High Hopes + rumor mongering = disapointment
Let it go


I must be tacky. I love the UI for Time Machine. The visual flyback is great and the fact that it works in the context of the active process is also ideal. Most people don’t know how to go about restoring files or data.

I’m also excited about Leopard in general. I will use Spaces and the remote control in iChat (easier for my elder relatives than other VNC apps). The additions to Xcode have me drooling a bit as well.

Leopard is 64-bit. It’s going to ship on time and it will take OS X to the next level. It’s all good.

Honestly, the stuff under the hood is very exciting… but I can’t talk about it, NDA and all.  I think that in the end, once we know everything, it will kick total ass.


Don’t forget the support for RSS photoblogs in iPhoto 06! So now we have Safari, iPhoto, Dashboard, and MAIL!

While I do like the photoblog interface in iPhoto (all images/posts displayed in one screen) I could never part with NewsFire.