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Leopard Compatibility Updates

The recent developer preview of Leopard created some issues for both Inquisitor and NewsFire. Now that I’m back from WWDC, I can release this pair of updates to address the issues.

Inquisitor has been updated to version 2.6.2. The changes are limited to Leopard compatibility and need not be installed unless you are running Mac OS X 10.5.

NewsFire 1.4 has been updated to build 68. In addition to Leopard compatibility, 1.4 (v68) tweaks smart rules somewhat, by adding “Starts With” (prefix) and “Ends With” (suffix) string rules. Unless you are using Mac OS X 10.5 or want these string rules there is no particular need to upgrade.

  • August 13th, 2006 4:42 pm



It has become happy to note the update for Newsfire in correspondence with Mac OS X Leopard.

It is desired to witness the interface changed to one similar to a screenshot.

Newsfire rox!


Why would you want David to change the interface if you can do it already? The interface is gorgeous as is, and If you’re able to change it to suit your needs, why should he have to change it just for you?
Unless, of course, this is just a photoshop mock up?



Will there be a similar update for Acquisition?


David, thanks for the quick update. Leopard just became 100% more usable for me :).


Yay and thanks for the quick work! Now, while you’ve got the hood open; would you consider a little resolution independence fixin’ too? 


whith the new builds (from 12 august) of camino there are compatibility problems… are you fixing it? thanks!


can there be support for attention.xml w/FTP syncing?

There’s no way to synchronize your RSS feeds with other computers….. :(

Also, a way to import reliably NetNewsWire articles/feeds? :(

thanks :)


I am a registered of Inquisitor. I updated to 2.6.2. When I look thru console logs, this update spits out a lot of console logs for search and suggested search, which I think is overkill. It wud be nice if it would be silent on the console logs, I don’t know however if it is some kind of debugging switch..



I have a problem with Newsfire, and I am not sure where one files questions about the program. Basically, the registratrations won’t “stick” all of a sudden. I have trashed the preference file, but no go.

I emailed you about it, no idea if you got it or not. I run OS X 10.4.7 with the latest version. Should I downgrade perhaps?


any possiblities in syncing with .mac services?


Yay and thanks for the quick work!
Unless, of course, this is just a photoshop mock up?