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Xtorrent Public Beta 1

Today I am pleased to announce the immediately availability of my newest software project, in public beta form. Xtorrent is an advanced torrent client that has been in development for several months. It aims to bring a friendly interface and powerful features to the world of BitTorrent.

Some of the highlights:
– ultra-simple torrent search with one-click downloading (an Xtorrent original)
– a high performance torrent core
– detailed download information and activity monitoring
– powerful seeding and ratio controls
– integration with iTunes
– folder monitoring and automatic .torrent downloading

Please note, this is beta software. It’s not feature complete, it probably has quirks, and it will expire when the beta period is over. It’s quite solid and very usable, but there’s a lot of cool stuff yet to come.

  • September 17th, 2006 1:12 pm



Wonderfull program, I was giving up torrents after using azuerus. I’m doing some light cocoa coding myself, any chance of you releasing the sourcecode?


Wow. After suffering through using the other clients available for macs, Xtorrent is a breath of fresh air! :)

Features I’d really like to see (starting with the most desired):
– rss feed support (like RSSFeedScanner in azeurus)
– file selection (for partial downloads)
– ping-based bandwidth throttle (ala azeurus’ auto speed)

If I could set up Xtorrent to automatically download new episodes of my favorite tv show as they become available (like in azeurus), I would be in heaven, and could throw out the other client I’m using now.


I just wanted to say how wonderful your app is, it’s simple sleek and elegant and looks like it was made by apple software designers themselves. I would agree with a person somewhere above me stating that if OSX should come with a bit-torrent client, this should be the one.


Hey Dave, this is awesome!
I do have one major functionality request, I love your search interface, I think it’s pretty much (well, definitely) the nicest torrent search engine yet!

However, I don’t really use my mac for torrent downloading, I have a server sitting in the corner doing that for me. On top of that, I use torrentflux, a pretty awsome PHP torrent, well.. organizer. (Definitely worth checking out btw, http://www.torrentflux.com ).

Anyway, I’d love to be able to have the default double click action, instead of downloading locally, be able to well, route it to say a shell script, or have it run an applescript of my choosing. I’d be able to use XTorrents for basically finding my torrents, and my server to deal with them!

Thanks so much!


Hey Dave, excellent work. I currently have an account at Demonoid, and I hope Oink soon too. So I was wondering if there was a way we could add places the search engine searches for torrents, so that those of us with private accounts can also search those sites within xtorrent. Or perhaps make it default, and just make it so we have to login to the site within xtorrent to have the results show up, or something.


exellent, rapide, simple, souple dans son utilisation, bref !!! que du bon


Awesome application. After one use I dumped my other ones. Well done sir!


I’m a HUGE fan of your applications and wanted to say amazing work. I have run into one snag I wanted to make you aware of and it might just be my local config so if you need that let me know through email.

Here’s the problem: When I’m running x-torrent somehow or another my bandwidth stream is getting flooded and causing timeouts but only within my browser. I’m getting full BW to Xtorrent.

Just for throughness you should know that I’m already throttling back my upload speed to 1/4 of my bandwidth so that’s not the issue.

Thanks for the great programs! (So any deals for us Acquisition owners around the corner ;) )



Exactly the program I’m looking for. Made the switch to Mac recently but still using uTorrent on PC for lack of a better app. I think I fould it! Am still having some trouble with it crashing on me. Downloads continue but search fails shortly after starting up. Any idea what’s up?
MacMini 1.66intelDuo, 1.25GB RAM OS10.4.8


I second this: file selection (for partial downloads)
It would be PERFECT!


Nice work so far. This is looking promising. I don’t know what your aim is with this in the future, but I’d like to bring up 2 major things it’s missing at the minute in the hopes they might be included later.

Firstly, a queueing system. I’d like to be able to set it to queue downloads. With a separate upload queue. So that you can have, for instance unlimited torrents uploading while only allowing a single download at a time. Azureus as this implemented very well.

Secondly (less importantly for me, but probably more importantly for a lot of users), transport encryption.

Anyway, like I said, it’s looking good so far. I hope this can help me dump the hog that is Azureus in the near future.


i absolutely love xtorrent but the only problem is that my internet connection is fine without it open, then when i pull up xtorrent my internet gets extremely slow, basically to the point where it doesn’t load. then xtorrent has maybe around 1.1 kb and over the span of about five seconds drops to zero, it kills my internet so if i need to visit a website or check my mail i have to restart my computer.please someone help he!!!


I really like Xtorrent, simple, elegant and powerful. Ok it’s not packed with features, but key features has already been implemented.

Unfortunately build 17 introduced a tendency toward crash, which result in the loss of dl queue. Disabled sleep mode, but no help. Looking forward to a more stable release;)


You’ve created another great program. Can’t wait to see what the final release looks like. GREAT work!


Chapeau, monsieur. This application is still in beta and remarkably stable. It’s very lean too… takes up very few resources on my olden G4/400MHz. However, RSS import is an indispensable feature, a conditio sine qua non. Once that feature is implemented, I’d be happy to pay for this product.


Hey, love the program, but how can I download just one document in a file? I don’t want to download some 6.4 gb file when I only want one small document inside it. So is there a way for me to download just the one document inside?

If you or anyone else knows, please let me know.


Merv 2


I’d like to chime in with the others…

The interface is excellent and torrents download quickly, and I’ve experinced no real problems with it… However, for me it’s essential to be able to choose which files within a torrent that I wish to download, so I have to stick with clunky and buggy Azureus for now. Do you have plans to implement the ability to choose files?


For those looking for RSS support, just check “automatically download audio/video attachments” for a feed in NewsFire and configure Xtorrent to autodownload. NewsFire puts the torrent on your hard drive and Xtorrent automatically starts the download. Beautiful!


hi bud .. we realy love this! and would like to remain usin it , is there a fee to pay now ? , as it seems to have stopped downloadin ,, we’ve had it now for about 6 weeks now .. thanks tim.


This looks like a great app! One question I have is if it has something like “find more sources” in Acquisition. Sometimes when I click that a few times in Acquisition the download speeds up. Is there something like this in XTorrent? Also, I wonder if there’s a way to automate the process in Acquisition because after about 5 minutes, the sources I added start dropping off so I have to keep selecting “find more sources” if I really want something. Is this process more automatic in XTorrent?


This piece of software is amazing. After such a fruitless search for a good torrent client that truly felt like something that should be on OS X, I finally found it and had no qualms about throwing down the money for it and all future versions.

I have no doubt I will get my money’s worth.


Reading what all people have to say about your good work, do you plan to make a version for those who still run Mac OSX 10.3.9? Please give me an answer


Well, as everybody here, i love xTorrent, its really beautifull!!Thanks Dave!

But i got a little problem, in certain torrents, it launches the dowload quickly, download it till its 80/90% complete and then completely stops and never restarts, so i cant finish that download!!It happened to me with 3 or 4 torrents already! Do someone know something about this?



xtorrent will not stop pausing.