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Inquisitor 3.1

Inquisitor 3.1 is now available for download. This release improves performance, simplifies the process for switching search providers, and removes affiliate links from the program. For new users, Yahoo! is now the default search provider, however users are free as always to change this as they so desire.

  • May 9th, 2008 10:43 am



I have been unable to find a way to configure inquisitor or specify search engine.

Nor can I find any documentation. (likely under my nose)

I enjoy it for the most part. The only times I don’t is when it gets a bit presumptuous and I have a hard time typing over the presumption or miss the error and hit return to the wrong sites.

Perhaps if the autofill characters were not as bright is one thought. Another thought is a quick way to get it to back off.

Is there a quick on the fly way to turn it off, some toggle gesture that is keyboard keystroke?

Thanks for a very cool hack and congratulations on your recent affiliation with Yahoo.

The autocompletion preferences are the best way to tell it to back off. In particular, telling it to autocomplete only the current word (and not the entire phrase) is useful in keeping Inquisitor from getting ahead of itself.


I find many Google’s serach engine, but where Google Russia ?


Yeah, its a great tool, but Google Russia definitely missing…


How do I change it from Yahoo to google? Or how do I deinstall inquisitor?
Best regards



Sorry for sounding really REALLY stupid, but how does Inquisitor work?!! I’ve installed it, and it now says Inquisitor instead of Google in the search box, but I can’t see any way to change the default search engine from Yahoo.

Thanks… Willa


Just in case I want to remove it entirely (uninstall), how would I do that?


Nice replacement for the default Google search, especially since I can change it to the correct Google site for my country.

However, one thing that I miss already (and I’ve only been using Inquisitor for a few minutes) is the Option-Command-S snapback feature which I use A LOT when doing Google searches. I seems that it now gets marked as a snapback page, so Option-Cmd-P works, but I’m accustomed to using S.

Anyway, nice addition to Safari.


Nice to see you. I think so it’s a great tool!
However, could you please add Google (JP). Don’t you like it??