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Inquisitor 1.0 (Beta 6)

Inquisitor 1.0 (Beta 6) is now available for download. This release fixes some minor bugs and also adds the optional ability to do background prefetching of the first search result, which can moderately speed up the search experience.

  • July 1st, 2005 3:24 am



Ahh! I don’t have tiger yet – and I’m dying to try inquisitor. I guess I’ll just have to wait… keep up the kick ass work guys.


Awesome, now you just need to replace Safari’s “Find” with something as useful as Firefox’s and as sexy as Inquistor. Keep it up!


Fantastic piece of software! I’m amazed at how fast the predictive text comes up.


Great piece of software. I just have one feature suggestion – with the normal Google search field, if you hit command-return, the search results will open in a new tab. With Inquisitor installed, that doesn’t work.

I use the command-return thing all the time, if I’m on one page and want to search for something without leaving the page I’m on.

That’s my only request, great piece of software otherwise :-)


I agree with Mike (the second one). An update to the usual Safari Find dialog to be as useful as Firefox’s would be awesome!

Keep up the great work, Dave!