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Inquisitor 1.0 (Beta 7)

Inquisitor 1.0 (Beta 7) is now available for download. This beta now caches suggestions locally for a certain period of time (1 week), meaning that suggestions for commonly used phrases will appear instantly rather than being refetched each time, positively impacting responsiveness. This is a sensible change given that suggested completions for a phrase should remain valid and sensible for a certain period of time. This beta also fixes the search behavior when holding down the command-key and using tabbed browsing (command-enter will now properly open the search in a new tab, as per the standard Safari behavior).

Given that the feature-set and stability of the application are now roughly where I want them to be, I suspect that Inquisitor 1.0 will emerge from beta status relatively shortly. Thanks to everyone who has sent feedback and supported this little project.

  • July 5th, 2005 1:13 pm



Inquisitor really looks like a cool idea. The one thing that makes me want to stop using it is that it breaks Safari’s search history menu.

Sometime I just want to revisit a search I’ve done previously and when clicking the magnifying glass icon I’ll be disappointed to see Inquisitor’s preferences menu item rather than my search history. So while I can start re-typing a previous search term instead, this means that I’ll have to use the keyboard which is a bit of a pain at times.


Very impressive piece of work! Thanks for this treat.