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Inquisitor 1.0

I am pleased to announce the immediate release of Inquisitor 1.0. Inquisitor is a novel search extension for Apple’s Safari web browser that adds live, predictive search features to the standard web search field in Safari. As you type, Inquisitor offers suggestions to complete your query based on your own personal search history as well as the search history of every Google user (screenshot).

As an example, if you were to type “amer” into the search field, Inquisitor will provide the suggestions “american idol”, “american airlines”, “american express”, etc., as these are the most probable completions to your input, as based on the search history of others.

Inquisitor is free to download.

  • July 18th, 2005 12:51 am



That’s a really great application! I’ve converted from Acid Search and Sodugi straight away. However, would it be possible for the spaces between words to be changed into ‘+’ signs rather than left as a space? I’ve found that when I search, for example, Wikipedia, it changes the space into ‘%20’, which makes the search useless.

I think my only other suggestion would perhaps be some sort of “power search” ability, where it will bring up in separate taps the search results for a specified number of sites. That way, the user could symultaneously search, say, Ask Jeeves, Google, Wikipedia, Answers, etc. Just a thought.


How do I set up a shortcut to search in eBay? I’m not very good with any kind of programming language, so I don’t really know where to put the %@ in the search field.


C’mon simon, do you want inquisitor to become….. Shareware?
It’s a freeware, I wouldn’t expect an overflowing of features.


Heck no! It was just an idea.


oh – yes…. !



I saw someone mentioning that they couldn’t get it working nicely for Wikipedia. The trick is to direct Inquisitor to Wikipedia’s search-redirect page instead of the result set page. Here’s an Inquisitor query string that works:


Replace the language=en with whatever version of the encyclopaedia is most appropriate to you.


So far I love Inquisitor, the only thing that bugs me is the ability to change where I’m searching ahead of time… like I would love to just click the drop down and select Google Images, instead of holding a key combination. That would be the only thing I’d change. Otherwise… great product!


Thanks, thanks, thanks for a great piece of software!

Best wishes from Germany



Awesome tool… was wondering how long it would be till someone took google suggest into the toolbar!

1. I wish when focus was elsewhere and then back to inquisitor that it wouldn’t select all of the text.., its annoying when im making a change to a previous query.

Otherwise it is really awesome… thanks for all of these great products..


Love Inquisitor. Awesome aplication that makes searching on Google easier. It is almost like it reads my mind of what I want to search for!!! Mega thanks for offering these awesome applications for the Mac!


Would be so neat if this could be integrated into finder some how. Love this program and what it does with safari.


David. This rocks dude. For bo link, here ia a valid search string for ebay.co.uk:
I guess that the us ebay would be just substituting .co.uk for .com. Give it a try. :-)



Inquisitor is great. One big problem with it though, it has broken my ability to use the safari google search bar as a calculator. For whatever reason your software doesn’t send the math symbols to google and then i end up having to type them all back in. Hopefully you can fix this in your next release. Thanks.


Inquisitor is a great piece of software. I think I might lose the ability to type complete phrases.

My only suggestion is that you make it so that it doens’t record searches when Private Browsing is enabled in Safari.


Hey – great application. I’d appreciate it if in future releases wikipedia was a preset. Nice.

Also, this is beyond the scope of this project, but I agree with simon that it would be great if Inquisitor searched in a number of different places and sent you to a page that aggregated all the results, a la spotlight.

So there would be the Google results, the Wikipedia results, the Google Image results, the Flickr results, etc. And you could turn off or on the different search pages.


Type ahead support would make this complete for me. After all this is a search app.


Here’s one for Internet Movie Database: