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Sarah Harmer’s Escarpment Blues

I’m passionate about digital music – this should be clear by the software I’ve spent the last several years creating. Perhaps less obvious is that I’m passionate about environmental issues – my academic background happens to be in sustainability and environmental policy. So, when Sarah Harmer released the single “Escarpment Blues” on iTunes, I was intrigued. Having recently had an environmental revelation, she is donating all her proceeds from this release towards a campaign to block the development of a mine site within the ecologically unique Niagara escarpment (alas, I’m sure that Apple corporate won’t be donating their cut, which is a shame, albeit an expected one). It’s old-fashioned musical-activism fused with 21st century digital distribution. It’s microdonations. I think that’s awesome, and I wanted to draw attention to it.

I had intended to link to this for some time, but it was Sarah’s appearance at the recent Vancouver Folk Festival that prompted me to post this. It’s a great cause, it’s a great use of the technology, and it’s a great song from one of Canada’s foremost talents. I guess my point is clear – you should buy it! (provided you’re using the Canadian iTunes store, that is)

  • July 21st, 2005 2:19 am



Not available at the US iTMS, apparently. :(

Right, that’s exactly what I said – Canadian iTunes store only.


Too bad Apple won’t allow non-Canadians to buy from the Canadian store :/


I’m sure that Apple corporate won’t be donating their cut

And you will be Dave?


And it’s really important she’s doing it. As an activist in the city of Hamilton I know first hand what bullshit our Mayor and local developers are doing. Running highways through the escarpment, encroaching on every last available piece of land without any public process and jailing protesters. It’s messed up.

I grew up as a kid with a waterfall out my bedroom window. I thought this was normal.

Anyhoot, love the software. Thought I’d add my two cents. I love how all the Americans are complaining about not being able to get iTMS Canada songs. This happens to Canadians so frickin’ often. Not Apple’s responsibility really, copyright is so messed up for this stuff.


Escarpment Blues is also on the CD “I’m a Mountain.” Old-fashioned, perhaps, buying an actual CD — but ALL of her music is wonderful, and this too supports preservation of the Niagara Escarpment. I love this song, and the whole album.