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NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 2)

NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 2) is now available and contains the following enhancements over Beta 1:
– added option to cluster groups
– corrected performance issue with marking feeds as read
– improved feed discovery (NewsFire finally looks at <link> tags)
– fixed ‘add to group’ menu inconsistency
– NewsFire now tolerates ‘windows-1252’ and ‘MacRoman’ encoded feeds

  • August 27th, 2005 11:14 pm



Why arn’t all Developers like this? You post a beta, within an hour you get feedback from devoted fans of the app suggesting improvements. Then a day or two later you fix them and re-upload. That is dedication and you sir are a true gentleman! Thank you!

One question, is it just me or does nothing happen when you click a spotlight search result? It opens NewsFire, but doesn’t goto the feed or the item itself.
Apart from that, keep up the excellent work!


“- improved feed discovery (NewsFire finally looks at tags)”

How did it discovery feeds before?


I agree with newman. It’s great to see that one of the issues you posted feedback about is fixed within days and mentioned specifically in the notes. Great work as usual.


Great! I love to be able to have all the Groups at the top of my feed list. Still wating on hiding feeds, which to me is key. But everything else is great!

– I too can’t see any effect of selecting a news item in Spotlight (aside from opening NewsFire if it wasn’t already).
– Since discovering the description option, I wonder if it would be possible to resize the information window so that all of the description can be read?
– Now that RSS is becoming more and more common, and more and more commerciallized, could we have the ability to set some junk item rules. Most of the ones I come across have something at the beginning to signify that they are advertisements. Now, within the Smart Feeds (of wihich I believe I have around 80), I would have to include a rule in all of them to not include that text. Also, that wouldn’t work, because some of them have multiple source feeds specified as rules, and if I include the ad identifiers, then it will either let in any item that does not contain that text (lots and lots of items, the vast majority completely unrelated) or only the items that are found in all of those feeds and do not contain the text. So, yeah, to cut an inordinately long story short, customizeable global filters woudl be nice!
– In regular feeds, could there be just 1px of separation between the title bar and the items? I find it looks really wierd with the blue bar and the blue-highlighted items.
– Support for chapters like in iTunes in the podcasting window would be nice.

Thanks for all your hard work on this! Let me second Jon’s comments. Way to go!