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NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 3)

NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 3) is now available and contains the following enhancements over Beta 2:
– fix for validation issues in Beta 2
– corrected performance issue with marking all feeds as read
– fix for occasional Spotlight misbehavior
– fix for rare incorrect ordering in smart feeds

  • August 28th, 2005 1:56 pm




There are still some unrecognized yet valid RSS feeds. For example http://linuxfr.org/backend/news/rss20.rss does not currently work.

Do you plan working on that issue ?

Many thanks for your great soft



Any chance you’ll implement something like Inquisitor’s predictive search into Newsfire?

Inquisitor is not in 1.2 because I’m not convinced it makes sense in the context of NewsFire. As for future releases, I’m not able to comment.

Julien, that has been corrected.


David, are you looking for localizers ?




I just noticed that “hiding” a feed is no longer available. I used this to create complex smart feeds. Now my feed list is polluted with feeds I need but do not need to see. :( Will this be coming back?

There are no plans to return feed hiding to the interface. It was, in my opinion, a mistake.


I must say that I agree with Kurt – I used the feed-hiding option extensively and found it most useful. I fact I found it to be one of NewsFire’s most useful features, especially when dealing with lots of smart-feeds.
I petition for its return!
After all it’s only an option – people are not obliged to use it if they dislike it, as you clearly do. Why do you believe it to have been a mistake?
Would you please consider returning feed-hiding to v1.2, David?
Many thanks for an excellent and elegant program!

Why do you consider it useful? What use-case requires it?


Personally, I use feed hiding to assemble a large collection of news sources, and then I use smart feeds to filter out the news that I don’t want to see. I have something like 30 Smart Feeds, each of which provides news on a specific topic (there’s one on George Bush, one from The Economist’s Print Edition and Global Adgenda, one on Benelux, etc.). I have all of these Samrt Feeds classified into more general Groups. Therefore, all of my news is focused and much easier to manipulate for me personally. If I want to read about China, I go into the Asia group, and click on the China Smart Feed, which covers everything about the PRC (I have a separate feed for the ROC). It’s all organized and micromanaged, just the way I like it.

So, naturally, all that I had visible were the Groups and their respective Smart Feeds. The base feeds were all hidden – why go through the BBC Asia feed when I can have it compartmentalized for my pleasure? In fact, that was what drew me to NewsFire; the ability to have all the news compartmentalized so that I coudl read it at my leisure. I’m not going to go through the entire Forbes feed, because most of it is businees-related, but if one article is pulled into one of my topical Smart Feeds, then I will.

Basically, it’s all about how you use NewsFire. I prefer a micro-managed layout, which I find easier to digest. I don’t want 113 feeds lying around – on top of all the groups and smart feeds, because they are useless to me. I would rather have them do their work in the background, and present me with the news that I want to read, without the hassle. That’s my use-case.