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NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 4)

NewsFire 1.2 (Beta 4) is now available and contains the following enhancements over Beta 3:
– improved status bar display when NewsFire is set to open articles in the browser directly
– improved support for some previously invalid feeds
– groups are properly sorted in the smart group rules interface
– fix to prevent cyclical smart group issues
– feed hiding (though, I am personally unconvinced of the need for this feature)

  • August 30th, 2005 6:02 pm



Hi David,
The problem of the invalid feeds which actually works well in Safari RSS is still unsolved in this version. I checked similar feeds to see if they are all invalid. However, even some feeds are invalid in Feed Validator Results, they works quite well in NewsFire, but not for other feeds with similar error messages. Here are some examples for your reference:
Feed with error message in Feed Validator Result works in NewsFire:
Feeds with error message in Feed Validator Result don’t work in NewsFire:

Thanks for your attention.

I am doing what I can – the problem is that Apple’s XML parser is excessively anal (and also bug-ridden). A comprehensive solution will have to wait until after 1.2, at which time I will switch over to a more robust solution.

That said, I have amended NewsFire to support those final two feeds even though, as you note, they are not even validating.


Thanks for your effort!


Thank you for getting my Swiss-French newspaper feed to work with beta 4! :-)


Thank you for reconsidering and deciding to include feed-hiding as a feature again! Even if you yourself are unconvinced of its usefulness, myself and others who use this feature to reduce clutter when organising smart-feeds are most grateful.
Thanks again for such an elegant program. NewsFire is a pleasure to use and makes other feed-readers look clumsy. I look forward to seeing what new and innovative features you come up with for future versions of NewsFire.


Hiding feeds is a VERY important feature, due to groups. If you add a feed to a group, then you essentially have it displaying twice.

For example, I can group together 5 feeds from the same Web site, and keep the group active while hiding the individual feeds.

Nate, that comment makes no sense whatsoever. Groups implicitly hide their child feeds – it is absolutley nonsensical for you to hide the feed a second time.


I think Nate was referring to Smart Feeds. I use a combination of Smart Feeds and Groups – hiding allows me to remove from view the feeds found only in Smart Feeds.

Thanks for enabling this feature.


Dave, the speed boost in these latest builds is phenomenal. Truly first-rate work–and worth the subscription price.

One area where there are still lags in displaying are images. Flickr allows you to look at feeds of newly tagged images (for instance, i have a feed of graffiti photos). Each time you hit space bar to go to the next image there is a significant lag while the image loads. Is there a way to prefetch the next two or three images in a feed so that the lag-time is reduced?


From what Nate is saying, it seems the benefit of hiding feeds might be using a smart-feed to display only a restricted part of feed, while hiding the original. For example, if one was only interested in entries about a particular topic on a set of blogs, like one TV show on several general entertainment sites. That doesn’t seem so nonsensical considering most sites still don’t let RSS users specify a search string.


Is it possible to display the favicon next to the feed’s name ?

Thanks for your great work


Great work David. One thing thats lacking is you can’t do multiple selections in the source list, i.e. Shift+Select, Command+ Select. Also maybe a different icon for the Spotlight search results.


Please either stop groups jumping to the head of the queue when they have new items, or add a preference to do so. I have a huge-ass pile of feeds all arranged into topical groups which I’ve forced into an order that suits me by prefixing each group name with a number, and if they’re going to rearrange themselves without my permission in 1.2 then I’m going to have to either revert to 1.1 or change readers, and doing either of those things would suck.

KB, that’s the entire point of the “Cluster Groups” view preference.


Newsfire 1.2 is indeed more snappy! Would it be possible to add in your list these:
The ability to show only the new items of a feed without having to make a smart feed and then hiding the feed.
The ability to show ALL the headlines of the feed and not the first 75 and then having to press the more link. This is more irritaitng, when you view a Group feed sorted by “feeds”. You get to see the first 5-10 new items and then you have to press more for every child feed. I loathe it :(


Bugtime :) It may be my setup but I’ve got the default New Items Smart Menu up & running, arranged by feed. Bug: when new items arrive their feed name doesn’t show when there’s only one feed updated. They only show when there are more than two feeds updated.
Besides that NewsFire 1.2 is a pleasure to use. The speedboost is incredible. Nice!


Not sure if you want to read another post on the feed hiding, but I figure I can explain how I use it.

At work, I am tasked with tracking security advisories for our company approved browsers IE & Firefox. I am also asked to do the same for our sole OS X machine after a mailing was sent from us-cert.gov about security vulnerabilities to our IT manager (I know… No risk there, but the hammer came down on me for it).

So… I subscribed to 2 feeds:
1. us-cert.org
2. Microsoft Latest Security Advisories

Then I created smart feeds to filter ONLY the articles that concern me:
1. us-cert.org (contains “Internet Explorer”)
2. us-cert.org (contains “Apple”)
3. MS Security Adv (contains “Internet Explorer”)

Then I finally created a final smart feed to group these together called “Security Alerts” whose criteria obviously contained the “filtered” feeds above.

Bingo! From multiple sites, I am able to create a single smart feed with only the articles that concern me. :)

I then hid the original and filtered feeds and left the final consolidated feed visible. Works like a charm and doesn’t leave 5 feeds (6 if you count the final) cluttering up my feed list.

Hopefully this explains how I use this feature. If there is a better way to accomplish the same thing I would appreciate input.



Not sure if more needs to be said about feed hiding, but I was referring to Smart Feeds – not groups. Sorry for the confusion.

I think earlier versions of News Fire automatically put all groups at the top. So I opted to use Smart Feeds instead, because I liked to keep them sorted by name. But using Smart Feeds did not hide the original feed.

Honestly, I still like Smart Feeds more than groups, because they act more like a single feed (for example all my WSJ-related feeds appear as a single WSJ feed rather than a group). Weird, maybe, but I like it.