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My #1 problem with the iMac Core Duo

In general I’ve been quite happy with my iMac Core Duo. However, there is one major problem that myself and many others have experienced – the iMac’s wireless networking performance is severely crippled when connected to an Airport base station – transfer speeds are slowed by at least 50%. This has been discussed and carefully documented by users, yet more than a month later and a substantial system update later, Apple has yet to even acknowledge the issue.

I certainly understand that this is a brand new architecture and there will be some kinks along the way. Nonetheless, wireless networking is a pretty crucial feature these days. It’s not as if this were some peculiar incompatibility with obscure hardware – it’s Apple’s computers and Apple’s own wireless gear. In fact, the only workaround is to abandon the build-in wireless hardware for a third-party network adapter!

Supposedly this glitch is due to new wireless components in the iMacs. I find it hard to believe that this type of glitch wouldn’t have been discovered during testing. Perhaps they did notice it but decided that it wasn’t important enough to hold up release. Let’s just hope that the new MacBook Pro is not similarly afflicted and likewise hope that Apple finally gives this issue the priority that it deserves.