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Apple TV

I was browsing the comments on MacInTouch about the new Apple TV and came across a few comments like this:

If you’re wondering what this means outside of the US, where you can’t even buy movies or TV shows from the iTunes Store at all, just take a look at the Apple UK home page. It looks exactly the same as it did the day before yesterday, as if nothing happened at all. Despite the fact that you can buy (pre-order) the Apple TV in the UK, there’s no video content for it, so effectively it’s a $300/?200 jukebox/slideshow viewer, and Apple knows it.

The problem is the same for us up in Canada – there’s no video content on the iTunes store (except for a few music videos), so what’s the point? Well, I asked an Apple rep working the Macworld floor and he was very quick to assure me that any video content that iTunes can play can be played on the Apple TV, it’s not restricted only to content bought at the iTunes Store. That’s good news for anyone who prefers alternate sources for video content.

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  • January 12th, 2007 1:44 am