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Interesting Statistic: Intel vs. PPC

Here’s an interesting statistic I noticed recently. Based purely on the readership of this blog, 1 in 10 Mac users have already switched to Intel-based Macs (940 users on Intel, 8519 on PowerPC). It’s a greater proportion that I was expecting, though readers of this blog may simply be ahead of the curve. Regardless, I think it’s an impressive proportion that shows the early stages of Apple’s transition have gone well.

Inquisitor 2.6 (Beta 1)

Inquisitor 2.6 (Beta 1) is now available for testing. This release brings support for the Camino browser (v1.0) in addition to supporting Safari. For Safari users, there are various minor bug fixes in this release. Further, thanks to some helpful guidance from Arlo Rose over at Yahoo, you can now set your instant results source to either Yahoo or Google. The new Yahoo instant results are actually very fast – faster even than Google – though whether or not the relevancy is as good is a subjective call. That’s why it’s a user preference.

Inquisitor + Camino

Inquisitor + Camino

Inquisitor 2.5.3

Inquisitor has been revved to version 2.5.3. This release addresses a freezing bug in 2.5 and a more subtle bug that would interfere with autocompletion in the location field.

Inquisitor 2.5 – Instant Search for Safari

Inquisitor has received a substantial amount of positive attention in recent days. However, the one thing I’ve heard from many people is that they would love to try it out before buying it.

Well, I’m pleased to announce that that day has come! Released as a free demoware download and featuring live instant search results, suggestions, and user-configurable alternate search engines, Inquisitor 2.5 is the ultimate Safari search extension.

Above and beyond the previous release, Inquisitor 2.5 now allows one to configure the instant results search engine to a local variant (for example, a German user can now get local instant results from google.de). It also includes a new, space-saving search engine dispatch widget for those users with many alternate search engines configured.

Inquisitor 2.5 is free to try. Registration of the software costs a mere €5. Users who have previously registered can activate Inquisitor 2.5 complimentarily by entering the email address they registered with.